Engineering Applications – Top 13 Apps for Engineers

Engineering Applications – Top 13 Apps for Engineers

This app is ideal for students who are new to the field of electronics and circuit design but will also come in handy for the hobbyist and general tinkerer. Droid Tesla is also great for helping you understand basic resistive circuits using Kirchhoff’s Current Law (KCL).

Like others on this list, the app comes highly recommended but, as always, check reviews before buying any premium versions.

7. iCircuit is the go-to app for electrical engineers

Engineering Applications – Top 13 Apps for Engineers
Source: Google Play

Platforms: iOS and Apple

iCircuit is probably the best way to sketch out circuits and components on the go. The app will not only allow you to draw circuits but also test functions, check voltages and help troubleshoot.

This app is fun and educational in equal measures and is great for experimenting with different circuit designs virtually before building them for real. It can handle both analog and digital circuits and features a real-time analysis of your design. 

Before they purchase the app, users can also check the company’s app for additional information and resources: there is a video guide on the homepage and there is also a support page within the site’s menu. 

8. iEngineer is a simple, yet powerful engineering app

iEngineer engineering app
Source: Apple App Store

Platforms: iOS

If you need to find the perfect screw or bolt to fit your project, iEngineer is the most comprehensive database of information about hardware sizes. It has both US and Metric screw sizes as well as tap information, clearance sizes, shear force capacities, unit conversions, and many more intricate features and data.

Its reference database has over 93 different screws types from #0 to 4”. This app is only available on the iPhone and iPad, however,  

This simple app is also compatible with iOS 11.

9. SoloLearn is an amazing app for any budding software engineer

sololearn engineering app
Source: Google Play Store

Platform: iOS and Android

SoloLearn is another amazing app for engineers. Designed specifically for newbies in the world of software engineering, it has an amazing range of introductory courses in various programming languages from C to Ruby on Rails. 

You can also learn the basics of concepts like Data Science and Machine Learning and are constantly required to rest your knowledge with little projects and competitions. The support community on the app is amazing, and the courses are designed in such a way as to take you through step by step through the learning process.

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